Celso Alejo... acquired his interest in Gemology after moving to Hong Kong from Japan in
    1988.  He undertook the course of study with the Gemological Insitute of American (GIA)
    receiving his Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) certification in record time.

    Celso... graduated Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering (B.S.E.E.), from the University of
    California at Berkeley and with his engineering background and gemological training brings a
    special skill set in the designing and manufacturing of bespoke, made-to-order jewelry, however
    complicated it may seem.

    With over 21 years management experience in Asia working with multi-national corporations and
    their senior executives, he understands the opportunities and constraints that expatriates bring to
    their life-style while living in Hong Kong and works with the customer to meet their jewelry
    needs, however small or large.

    Upon returning to their home countries, clients can continue to use his design and manufacturing
    services because of the ease of sending jewelry to America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and any
    points in-between, with the price advantage of sourcing from Asia, while being assured by
    D'ALEJO's gemological expertise and detailed appraisal confirming what you've purchased.

    Celso's familiarity with the demands of busy expatriates makes your buying experience painless
    and efficient on-premises or on-line, while still providing customer-specific designs cost-

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