Our Services
    Gem Testing and Appraisals... from on-premises laboratory allows us to identify and grade
    gemstones, with a laser-driven proportion analyzer for evaluating diamond cutting. Jewelry sold by D'ALEJO
    is accompanied by a professional appraisal that includes a scanned image of the appraised item.

    Custom Jewelry...is a requirement when selling unset, non-calibrated gemstones, because of the
    need to tailor a design to the gem, not the other way around. At D'ALEJO, over 80% of our jewelry are custom
    designed in gold or platinum metals. Our jewelry designer makes professional drawings to scale of our
    customer's proposed designs/sketches/photos from which our workshops make prototypes in silver (for
    platinum metals) or handworked directly in gold to the embryonic stage for customer's approval. Our
    specialization in custom jewelry enables us to turn around approved designs from initial specification to
    finished piece in as short as 1 week.

    Repairs and Restoration... is a service grudgingly performed or refused by most jewelers. We gladly
    accept your jewelry from whatever source, to repair broken prongs, resize rings, re-polish and renew
    settings, string your pearls or beads, and in most cases return your repaired jewelry to like-new condition.

    Diamonds... are our specialty, and we can source any size, shape and quality of diamond, without or with
    an independent lab certification ( GIA, HRD, EGL, or IGI). Any diamonds sold without a 3rd party certification
    will be graded and certified by our Laboratory at no extra charge.

    Colored Gemstones... beyond the typical big three gems (emerald, ruby, sapphire) are readily
    available with emphasis on the rare and unusual gems not carried by the typical jeweler.

    Pearls... are the perennial favorites and our close proximity to the pearl farming regions of Asia gives easy
    access to a wide range of cultured pearl varieties, sizes, and quality.

    Seminars... give a better understanding of gemstones and jewelry leading to a greater understanding of
    the jewelry you already have or are planning in the future. We work with outside organizations to give
    regularly scheduled or privately arranged seminars for individuals and groups in our office or off-premises
    by prior arrangement.
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