Jewelry Appreciation Seminars
Tricks or Treats - Jewelry Trade Secrets Revealed
  • A three carat diamond whether purchased in New York or Hong Kong should be of similar price for
    similar quality. The question is not where you buy, but what quality you buy. This informative seminar
    conducted by Deidre Alejo, a certified gemologist, will provide the attendees with facts about a broad
    range of familiar and not so familiar gemstones, understanding how quality affects pricing, and the
    tricks many jewelers use on the unsuspecting consumer. A wide sample of gemstones are shown to
    illustrate the subtle differences that affect gemstone pricing

Jewels of the Sea - Pearls
  • Pearls, the oldest gems known to civilization, are the classics of traditional jewelry but one of the least
    understood gems. This seminar will give in-depth information into how traditional pearls differ from
    today's commercially farmed cultured pearls. Further insight is given on how pearls are quality graded
    so attendees can understand the reasons for the widely differing prices from what, to the uninformed,
    appear to be similar strands of pearls.

EMRUSA - Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires
  • Treasures of royalty and object of thousands of years of global conquest, Emeralds, Rubies and
    Sapphires remain the most desirable of the worlds gemstones. Few consumers really understand these
    gemstones and some of their surprising relatives. To buy smarter and gain an appreciation from the
    gemologist and consumer viewpoint, this seminar is a must.

The Fifth "C" - Diamonds
  • Diamonds are known by almost everyone, but really understood by very few. From the mines to the
    consumer, diamonds go through a surprising journey before reaching your jeweler's showroom. This
    seminar gives you insight into diamonds, the reasons for their "rarity" and value, and the best trade-offs
    for the consumer to make when buying a diamond on a limited budget. The tricks that jeweler's use on
    the unsuspecting will also be exposed.

What's It Worth
  • The "value" of jewelry has many meanings, not necessarily what was paid. "What's it worth" varies
    depending on the purpose of the valuation and the intrinsic value of the gemstones/gold and designer of
    the jewelry. Learn about the current market values of the familiar gemstones (diamonds, emeralds,
    rubies, and sapphires) and how the origin of the gemstones can significantly affect the commercial
    pricing. An insider's look on how professionals determine origin, gold content, age, and manufacturer
    of jewelry. The different types of appraisals will be explained, and examples of good and suspicious
    appraisals will be shown.

Rare and Unusual Gemstones
  • There exist over 100 different gemstone varieties, of which the typical consumer can probably name
    only four or five. This seminar will introduce the lesser-known gemstones that are rare and beautiful
    but not necessarily expensive when compared to the big three (diamonds, sapphires, emeralds).

Jade ... or Made?
  • Jade is a term used to describe two very different types of minerals. A highly revered gemstone in Asia
    with purportedly ‘mystical’ properties, this seminar sheds light on some historical ‘facts’ often
    associated with Jade. The ways in which Jade’s appearance can be ‘enhanced’ and the many similar-
    looking minerals often sold to the unknowledgeable as Jade, will be introduced. Highly recommended
    for anyone contemplating a visit to Hong Kong's Jade Market.
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